ORCASUB completely redefines what’s possible for humans to experience underwater – safely. Developed over decades by Sub Aviators, pioneers of underwater flight, ORCASUB combines advanced industrial, military, and hydrobatic aviation technology to offer unequaled speed, agility and maneuverability. Plus, it features the only variable ballast system in a flightbased submersible that lets you stop and hover, motionlessly.

It’s a game-changer for the ultimate deep-sea adventure.



Feet below the ocean surface


Pounds of forward thrust


Cockpit views


Hours of autonomy


Knots at top speed

Extraordinary adventure

Engineered to perform


Intuitive flight controls make learning to fly underwater fun and easy, allowing you the freedom to explore at speeds and over distances completely beyond the range of other private submersibles. Whether hovering silently while observing a reef system, or banking hard and accelerating to keep formation with a manta ray, the feeling is comfortable, natural and even familiar – like your Orcasub is an extension of yourself.

ORCASUB will revolutionize the way you feel about being underwater.


proven, reliable & safe


Easily launched from a research boat, yacht or boat ramp, ORCASUB can also be towed by a yacht tender or chase boat at speed.


Ultra-quiet Lithium batteries power seven high-performance thrusters. The magentically coupled, high-torque motors provide over four hundred pounds of forward thrust.


High power, 27kHz NewtComms communication system; reliable at distances up to 5km.

Tracking System

Track your sub while it’s diving from the surface. Chart exciting discoveries so you can easily return again and again.

Variable buoyancy

Positive buoyancy for cruising at the surface and neutral buoyancy for control and efficiency below the surface.

Powerfull illumination

Surface strobes, navigation lights, and state-of-the-art LED lights for deep dives.

Life support

Two separate oxygen supplies in each cockpit supports each pilot with 80 hours of oxygen.


Emergency drop weight system and deployable surface buoy accessible from both cockpits.

Choose your model

Model 02KS

Hull Material: Steel

Lloyd’s depth rating: 2,000 ft.

Approximate weight ~ 4,310kg

Model 03KS

Hull Material: Steel

Lloyd’s depth rating: 3,000 ft.

Approximate weight ~ 4,990kg

Model 02KT

Hull Material: Titanium

Lloyd’s depth rating: 2,000 ft.

Approximate weight ~ 3,860kg

Model 03KT

Hull Material: Titanium

Lloyd’s depth rating: 3,000 ft.

Approximate weight ~ 4,080kg


ORCASUB makes daylight diving magnificant but can also take you to depths of 2000 ft. and beyond, where surroundings become other worldly and unnamed creatures wait to be discovered. Sometimes, the most amazing underwater destinations (not to mentions treasure chests) are found in locations with substantial ocean currents. ORCASUB’S powerfully aerodynamic profile and top speed of 10 knots allow you to travel faster and farther to visit the most exciting, unexplored corners of the ocean.

Prepare to discover new and amazing deep-sea frontiers.


Flying underwater in an ORCASUB is a deeply personal experience. When you’re able to travel at high speeds with a high degree of incredible maneuverability, you’ll be seeing the ocean realm from an optically perfect, 180° vantage point – for an unprecedented journey of discovery.

Now that ORCASUB makes it all possible, the pleasure of adventure is guranteed.