• Orcasub by Sub Aviators, LLC and Nuytco Research Ltd.
  • Underwater flight expertise + Nuytco’s Deepworker advanced technology.
  • From the most thoroughly proven and successful line of commercial subs ever built.


  • Orcasub complies with Lloyd’s Register design and safety standards.
  • The only flight-based submersible on the market guaranteed to meet international classification requirements.


  • Custom built.
  • Certified depth classifications available for 2,000′, 3,000′, and more.
  • Two or three person configurations.
  • Steel or Titanium pressure hulls.


  • Dependable Nuytco components, like Deepworker
    • Cockpit-style pressure hulls
    • NMT12-Mk2 thrusters
    • Proprietary Lithium-Ion battery system
    • Sleek, aircraft inspired fuselage
  • Orcasub delivers proven reliability and durability, with unprecedented range, speed, and maneuverability

Ports, Pipelines, Energy Facilities

  • Orcasub’s exceptional speed, maneuverability and deep diving capabilities provide a single, versatile platform capable of efficiently meeting a multitude of contemporary inspection and monitoring challenges.
  • A variety  multi-beam sonar suites are available to aid in the rapid inspection of port facilities, underwater pipelines and maritime energy production facilities.
  • Optional Multi-vision Observation Pod allows long range daylight and night-vision adds capability on the  surface.
  • Low surface profile and instant submersion capability allows discrete observation compared to conventional vessels.

Ocean Science & Underwater Research

  • Orcasub Guardian’s unprecedented speed, range and maneuverability allows ocean scientists and other experts in their fields to directly observe and record fast moving, underwater wildlife and ecosystems from a vantage point never before possible.
  • Allows researchers to much greater to study wider areas of an ocean ecosystem during a single dive.

Search/ Rescue/ Recovery

  • Lightweight and compact stowage allows for ready and rapid transportation by land, sea, or air.
  • Versatile launching capabilities via crane, shipboard boom system or trailer launch from a boat ramp.
  • Orcasub can be towed at high speed by a surface vessel while surfaced (manned or un-manned), or while submerged (manned) for rapid deployment.
  • Operates in challenging conditions for extended times at depths hazardous for divers.
  • More effective and efficient than ROVs or AUVs for specific high-priority missions.

Submarine Rescue

  • Orcasub can be equipped with a manipulator arm to facilitate “pod posting” of medical supplies, oxygen, or scrubber material.
  • Many advantages either working alone or in conjunction with ROVs including enhanced search capabilities with the advantage of direct communications with surface support vessels and/or a downed sub.

Engineered to perform

Build Your Model


  • Depth:  2000′, 3000′, and more
  • Weight:  Model dependent
  • Length:  22′ (19′ for shipping)
  • Beam:  14′ (7′ wings folded)
  • Height:  5′

Build Your Model

HULL MATERIAL Steel Steel Steel Titanium Titanium Titanium
LLOYDS' DEPTH RATING 2000 ft. 3000 ft. Contact us 2000 ft. 3000 ft. Contact us
APPROXIMATE WEIGHT 9500 lb. (4310kg.) 11,000 lb. (4990kg.) 18,000 lb. (8160kg.) 8500 lb. (3860kg.) 9000 lb. (4080kg.) 14,000 lb. (6350kg.)

SONAR & other Sensors

  • Standard forward-looking multi-beam sonar is optimized for collision avoidance in dark or murky waters
  • Allows pilot to see ahead with Range 100/Sector 120 degree scan rate at up to 5 frames per second
  • Alternative sensors or SONAR systems are available to support specialized missions including:
    • Vessel hull inspection
    • Nuclear power cooling intake inspection
    • Port facilities inspection
    •  Dam/hydro power facilities inspection
    • Other deep water search / recovery / inspection / and exploratory operations

Underwater Audio / Video Recording

  • Orcasub can optionally be equipped with a networked HD video recording system that allows input feeds from up to 4 separately housed video cameras for synchronous, time- stamped recording and playback
  • Video feeds can be sync’d with pilots’ intercom audio for accurate narrative logging during inspections and research gathering missions

Multi-Vision Observation Pod

  • An optional device optimized to enhance surface observation, incorporating long distance HD video and night vision cameras
  • Modules enclosed within a single faired pod resembling a small radome
  • Orcasub’s Multi-Vision Observation Pod can be lowered and protected for submerged operation and raised above the cockpits for discrete 360° day/night surface observation & monitoring

Advanced Thruster Design

  • Nuytco’s NMT12-Mk2 thruster provides maximum power and reliability by utilizing a driveshaft incorporated within the thruster’s housing
  • Bollard pull efficiency is optimized to provide maximum thrust at every power setting
  • A magnetically coupled prop-shaft eliminates the necessity for any dynamic seals or an oil-filled housing enhancing reliability
  • Couplings are designed to slip to prevent damage that could be caused by ingestion and jamming of a foreign object

Intuitive Fly-By-Wire Controls

  • Gyro aided fly-by-wire controls allows intuitive piloting for intricate maneuvers while hovering or when transitioning from hovering to full hydrodynamic flight mode
  • A gyro and altimeter aided autopilot mode supports automatic ‘Sea-Floor Contour-following’ to reduce the potential for pilot fatigue during long missions


NewtComms Underwater Communications

  • Each pilot cockpit comes equipped with aircraft-grade headsets for all communications
  • Orcasub’s standard NewtComms system provides reliable through-water communications for ranges up to 5 kilometers while submerged

Powerful LED Lighting

  • Orcasub’s NewtSun lighting suite is designed for maximum illumination and efficiency providing over 100 lumens per watt.
  • Extremely durable Newtsun LEDs are rated for full-ocean depth.
  • The standard Orcasub lighting package includes:
    • 2 NewtSun LED 500 lamps (65,000 lumens each)
    • 2 NewtSun LED 100 lamps (7280 lumens each)
  • Orcasub can be configured with additional NewtSun LED or HMI lamps for specific requirements

Advanced Battery Technology

  • Includes a separately housed, dual-pod lithium-ion battery system with over 22kW/hours of power
  • Provides over 3000+ cycles before replacement, at 80% depth of discharge
  • Battery pod housings are designed to facilitate upgrades to more advanced power systems whenever they become available
  • Additional battery pods can be supported for increased power requirements

Safety Reliability Durability

  • Orcasub’s lithium-Ion battery system is housed in two separate, isolated, waterproof compartments operating in parallell
  • The proprietary Battery Management System (“BMS”) provides precise, state-of-charge, and diagnostic information for every cell ensuring operation within strict voltage and temperature ranges
  • BMS can identify an individual cell operating outside acceptable parameters during a mission and isolate a battery pod to ensure Orcasub’s optimal performance
  • Orcasub’s BMS maximizes accurate advance mission planning and minimizes the possibilities for power faults during operations


  1. Multiple lift and tie-down configurations
  2. Standard onboard video system
  3. Inflatable emergency surface flotation
  4. Multi-beam collision-avoidance SONAR
  5. NewtSun LED lighting systems
  6. Bow lateral thruster
  7. Forward vertical thruster (port)
  8. Variable ballast tank
  9. Nuytco Deepworker battery pods
  10. HP air cylinder for Built In Breathing System
  11. HP oxygen cylinder
  12. Stern lateral thruster
  13. Stern vertical thruster
  14. Responsive, low-drag V-tail
  15. Self-rescue system
  16. Deepworker pressure hulls
  17. HP Ballast Air
  18. 7 Nuytco NMT12-Mk2 thrusters